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Based on the description provided here , the system selects appropriate images based on the following scheme:. According to the guide, they're recommending using a naming convention of "AppNameSmallTile. I found this to be rather confusing, so I decided to just stick with naming the images according to the attribute definition, which I believe is less confusing.

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When referencing an image in your code, just use NAME. The ". Icon Slayer uses a naming convention that matches the element attribute, I believe this is least confusing.

Question, comments, suggestions? Send me and email. Some browsers require source PNG files to be "flattened", meaning that PNG files should not have "layer" information in them. Flattening maintains transparency, but just reduces all layers to a single layer.

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Source PNGs should be no larger than x pixels. The smaller your source file, the faster things will process. Icon Slayer uses Adobe Flash, and this is a known problem that Adobe has not resolved. More information available on the release page. After millions downloads of 3.

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