How to create a second apple id on mac

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How to create a new user account on MacBook

Forums Shop Toggle Search. Creating a user account for each person on your Mac Creating a separate iTunes library on your Mac Creating a user account for each person on your Mac When you create separate user accounts, it makes it possible for each person to basically have a separate computer with a separate iTunes app. How to create a new user account on your Mac The account administrator is the only person that can create a new user account.


Select System Preferences from the drop down menu. Enter your administrator username and password. Click Unlock. Select an Account Type from the drop down menu.

How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication for Multiple Apple IDs on One Device - MacRumors

I suggest using "Standard" for other adults and "Managed with Parental Controls" for kids. Enter the full name of the new user. Enter an account name. This can be a nickname. Enter a password. Verify the password by entering it again.

Creating a user account for each person on your Mac

Enter a hint to help you remember the password if you forget. Click on Create User. Repeat this process for user account you'd like to create on your Mac. How to switch between user accounts on your Mac Switching between user accounts is as easy as signing out of one and into another.

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Select Log Out [user name]. Select Log Out when the dialog window appears. Select the user account associated with the iPhone you want to sync.

follow url Log in. Creating a separate iTunes library on your Mac If everyone in your household uses the same sync settings and no one's iPhone or iPad is restricted with parental controls, you can create separate iTunes libraries instead of having a separate user account on your Mac for each person. How to create a separate iTunes library on your Mac Before you start, make sure iTunes is closed completely and not running in the background.

Quit iTunes. Launch iTunes and hold down the Option key at the same time. Click on Create Library when the window appears. Enter a name for the new library under Save As I suggest naming it after the person that will be using it. Make sure the save location is the Music folder. Click on Save. You can use the same phone number for multiple Apple IDs, but there seems to be some limit on how often you can do that. You use it to log in to developer.

The challenge here is that you can only enable 2FA on the first account logged in to iCloud on a device. You could log out of your primary iCloud account, and the log in with the secondary, but this will disrupt a lot of things on your device. On a Mac, you can have a separate iCloud account for each local user.

So, it is easiest to create a second user account, log out of your first account, log in to the new second account and set up iCloud and 2FA for the developer Apple ID on this second local account. Follow the prompts to set up 2FA, you can re-use the same phone number as a trusted number. There seem to be limits to how often you use the same phone number, but two accounts works fine for me.

Sign out of iCloud, log out of the second account and back in to your normal user account. As it turns out, you can be logged in to multiple iCloud accounts on the same device or account. Certain services, such as iCloud storage, or the Photo Library, will only work with the primary iCloud account, but other services, including 2FA , will work for all iCloud accounts. You probably want to turn off all services, like Mail, Calendar, etc. Great hint!

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However, 2FA does not list my devices logged in on the secondary iCloud account since it requests Find My Phone to be active and it can be active only with my main personal iCloud account. What a freaking terrible process. Every other company just uses TOTP, which is a easy process.

Apple instead makes its extremely difficult. You must not log out of the second user you created on your Mac before adding the second account on your iPhone, as the former is needed to verify the latter. When I set up the second account on my iPhone, it fell back to text message to authorize. But you can also use 2FA before logging out and deleting the user on the Mac, that makes sense, too.