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A few months ago, I started seeing issues related to ghosts messages. After doing some research, I realized that this is one of the most common iPhone email problems. The most obvious solution is to completely remove and re-add the affected email account, which is what I would recommend. I had to do this a couple of times before it worked. And in some cases, the problem returned a few days or weeks later. I was haunted. As a result, I recommend completely removing the account and re-adding it.

As a result, I disabled the junk mail filter in Apple Mail on my Macs. To learn more about how to troubleshoot that issue, check out this article. Most of the email problems I have come across were related to a wrong or expired password, incorrect mail settings, or a misbehaving email client. If none of the above steps resolved your issues, you can also try to remove the email account from your device completely and then re-add it. I may update the article accordingly!

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Nice post on iphone phone. People are courageous about iphones and there is lot of hype about Apple. I bought a budget i6 but I am satisfied with the device. No glitches and no of problem in this device. Hi, Great info.

How to fix the Can't verify the server error on the Mac Mail Client

I stupidly deleted my email account from mac mail before trying different ways to troubleshoot my email not sending and receiving and am now having trouble adding the account again. It is saying invalid account or password. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you for the detailed instructions.

Outlook has taken over my msn email account which I have been using for over 15 years with no problem — until now. It is telling me that someone else may be trying to use my account and when I try to verify who I am it does not accept the information. Microsoft does not give you the option to talk with a live operator — therefore, I am well and truly locked out of my email account.

This has been going on for weeks now and there seems like there is no way to rectify things. I understand that if you sign in from another location it could trigger a security alert and for that I am grateful, but when you cannot fix things elecronically and you cannot get to speak with a live person — what are you to do?

I am truuly exasperated with microsfot outlook — bring back my old msn….. I can send an email from my iPhone but new incoming emails will not show up.

Why is this? In the worst case just remove and re-add the account. As I said in my email just previous to this one, everything is normal on my mac, and furthermore, I can use my iPhone for everything else online, and even for sending emails. Thank you. Looking at the Dr. High Sierra OS — mac client.


Thank you so much for posting these steps! Very clear and helpful—Mac mail is all fixed now! Hi Michael I wonder if you can help? My issue is with getting Mail to save the outgoing mail settings specifically Port The wheel of death just keeps going round then gives up. Any ideas Paul. I see this sequence of messages repeated dozens of times in the log. Can you help? READ May 04 Many thanks. Hello and thanks for the help ahead of time, so when I pull up my email on my MacBook it keeps popping up and down with some old draft or something. Thank you very much friend! I have removed the email account from applemac, and reinstated it, but no option to choose IMAP, it seems to default to a pop account….

Michael, thanks for your advice. I have a slightly different problem. I have a Mac, running Catalina, and an iPad mini 4 running I access Mail on all 3 devices.

Mac Mail not receiving G Suite Email - Gmail Help

But if my Mac is turned on, mail is not delivered to the iPad and the iPhone — it is only delivered to the Mac. Drag copy or move this file into the main Eudora directory. There will now be options extra listed, including a Ports page. If you have purchased Eudora, we suggesting contacting them about this, as there is no reason to make this difficult.


To change the outgoing mail port from 25 to For version 6. In this folder is a file "Esoteric Settings". Helpful Unhelpful Did this resolve your issue? Solved Unsolved Was this resource helpful?

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However, shortly after authenticating, the Mail app asks for authentication once again, and again, as the process does not stick and goes into an endless loop. Please note that we contacted Apple regarding this issue, and we were told that Apple is currently working on a fix.

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See also: Mail App Keeps Crashing. Please note that this process will delete your messages and will no longer available on your Mac. Here is how:.

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  4. Here Is How To Fix. So in we need a third party proxy app because Apple is failing to connect to a gmail account. I have moved from OSX to Linux 2 years ago. Apple, this is just ridiculous. I found an error in the console log that indicated that sandbox permissions were preventing the Internet Accounts process from opening Safari and exchanging the necessary information. After I logged into my Google account and was allowed to give my mac permissions to my mailbox, calendar, etc. If someone wants to track down the exact sandboxed Library entry, it probably would help with the patch or a user supplied permanent solution versus my work around.

    Hi Thanks for this, but with respect, I cannot do this. I have no clue how.