Google earth 6.2 mac system requirements

Google Earth is gratis software van Google om satellietbeelden te bekijken en ook de situatie op de grond te aanschouwen. Google Earth 7. Verder zijn de prestaties van Google Earth over de hele linie beter geworden, zodat het programma sneller werkt. Ook zijn diverse fouten opgelost, waardoor filmpjes van bewaarde tours kunnen worden afgespeeld en teksten van Wikipedia weer verschijnen in tours.

Ook ballonnen flikkeren niet meer tijdens tours. We now handle SSL certificate revocation errors appropriately. Lighting of Diorama buildings in OGL now appears correctly. Balloons no longer flicker while playing tours. We have improved the appearance of image and polygon overlays for users running some families of Radeon GPUs. We have included stability improvements for users running GeForce 6xxx and 7xxx cards. We have included stability improvements for users running Earth for extended periods of time.

Water surfaces around coastlines will flicker then resolve upon zoom. As a workaround, we recommend using Google Earth 6. Improved performance reading large drives with large unallocated clusters. Auto Save - Changed default auto-save time in options from 20 to 60 minutes. Load Case - Fixed error loading auto-save of case.

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Carving - Added Usenet-item file driver for carving of Usenet messages. Email Module - Fixed toolbar buttons incorrectly pointing to the File System module. LicenseManager is now translated. Logging - Increased speed of writing verbose log files. Fixed thread locking in multi-threaded command tasks. Thumb-cache - Limited to items in memory for better response time. Setup - Improved FEX installation file. Illicit Image Classification - Added categories 7,8,9 for folder creation script. Text View - Fixed cursor over-run in Text data view.

Triage - Improved triage of RecentDocs. File Carve driver updates - Improved. ZIP 64 , thumbs,. Investigator Notes - Text file updated with investigator and device information. Load Layout - Fixed load case error when custom column layout specified in Options menu. Scripts - Modified scripts are now backed up on new install to 'script-name.

What's New in Starry Night 8

Wibu Codemeter activation software update. File System - Fixed error in Date Filter tool. Reports - Fixed error in displaying email attachments. Scripts - Fixed path error in Export Files by Type script.

Part 1—Download and Install Google Earth

Scripts - Script windows now open on active monitor. Language translation updates.

Activation - Fixed error with Codemeter Network dongle activation. DAT files to Registry filters. Restricted unauthorized filename characters when renaming evidence. Minor GUI updates. Fixed error with some script. Improved expand compound files. Improved extract key frame thumbnails. Updated MOV file carve driver. Updated language translations. Improved export of large MAC files with multiple extents.

Improved I. MKV added to video thumbnail extraction. Other Minor GUI updates. Index Search - Export word list now defaults to a clean csv with no formatting. Skin Tone - Fixed corrupt image error occasional causing skin tone freeze. HEX - Added right click width options. Additional navigation improvements. Fixed error when clicking between hash sets in the open dialogue.

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Registry - Fixed error sending SAM. LOG files to Registry module. Reports - Fixed error where some linked report files were not being exported. Triage - File System triage now runs in threaded mode. Fixed error closing case. Skin Tone - Improved speed of skin tone detection. Added Camtasia recorder to Windows shortcuts. Gallery View - Improved thumbnail caching speed.

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Fixed issue closing module data stores on close and open of case. Index Search - Fixed utf8 error exporting word list. Index Search - Added additional logging to Index Search completion. Gallery View - Improved top down caching of gallery thumbnails. File System - "Export Files by Type" has option to rename photos by date taken.

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  • Case Folders - Now use compression. Index Search - Fixed issue displaying Unicode characters. Keyword Search - fixed error in display view not jumping to first highlighted keyword hit. Triage - Registry files are no longer automatically sent to Registry module. Improved speed for images over 3TB. Added custom Evidence Processor profiles.