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It certainly seems that way to me. The difficulties you are experiencing is likely due to downloading and attempting to install using the retail installers located at Download CS5.

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The volume license installers are only available to license holders. If you do not know your login then please utilize the forgot this password.

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If you do not have an account then please contact our support team as suggested by Kglad. A member of our support team will be able to locate someone within your organization who does have access. Thank you, Jeff. My product doesn't show up in my account.

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium Software for Mac (Student and Teacher Edition)

I've been trying to reach your support team for days. Dead-ends every single time. I've spent countless hours on this so far. Chat never responds. The phone number listed puts me on hold for hours and then disconnects me. This is the only option that seems to have been working, but now you tell me to contact support. I'm trying really hard not to be be utterly frustrated with this situation, but if you were me, would you be able to? Jamey Scott I am sorry you have faced a frustrating experience contacting our support team. I do see that you opened multiple cases.

If you are not seeing the option to chat with a member of our team then it is likely the security settings of your current web browser, a toolbar, or add-on is preventing you from accessing this feature.

I reviewed your account and it appear that you have been assigned as deploy-to id. I would recommend utilizing a different web browser since both issues could be related to the current web browser you are using. If you face additional difficulties you can also download the installation files to a USB drive utilizing a different computer. Thank you for your response. I can login to my account, but that deploy to ID is for a CS6 package that I just purchased for my wife's computer. I'm not really concerned with that right now I have to resolve the issue of why my cs5. Tried for two hrs to get chat or a live person, so far I've got 6 hours invested in reinstalling my software on a new hard drive.

My potty mouth is working overtime, trust me. Well that was ridiculous. Over an hour spent on a chat with a guy named Himanshu who ended up shutting me out and telling me to go back to the forums to resolve the issue. I've never experienced such horrible customer service. Can anyone help me out here?

Adobe CS6 Master Collection MAC + Serials

All I want to do is use the software that I paid a lot of money for. Jamey Scott I am showing that you have an escalated case so you will continue to be assisted by our support team. I did verify that the serial number registered under your account for Creative Suite 5. I am not able to trace down the account which has access to the download.

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I would recommend giving alternate contact information or any information you can provide on the seller when our support team contacts you. Thank you Jeff. I really appreciate your pointers. I guess all I can do is wait for Adobe to contact me. I really hope this is resolvable. Jeff A Wright - Of course I missed the call when they did finally call, and they didn't leave a callback number. Is there any way that you could help me directly?

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