Mac goes and goes discontinued

Those pricier models offer faster Intel processors, and four Thunderbolt ports rather than two -- but hey, it's a nice upgrade if you can live without a hard escape key.

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But with those two new models came four casualties from the line. In the interest of streamlining the buying process, Apple axed:.

Apple Just Killed the MacBook Air with Good Keyboard and 12-inch MacBook

But if you're not ready to deal with the controversial butterfly keyboard , you can still buy all four discontinued devices from the retailers listed below. This model, with its non-Retina screen, is still available through buyers in the education channel. But consumers can still find it, too -- both new and used.

Read the MacBook Air review. Yes, it had only a single USB-C port, it was underpowered if you were doing anything work-oriented and it was the originator of that controversial butterfly keyboard way back in But in some ways, it was a great "writer's laptop," too. We're skipping the older slower Core M, Core m3 and m5 models, and linking only to the newer "Core i5" versions below. Read the inch MacBook review. This is the updated MacBook Air that was just introduced last fall.

Feedback verzenden over Google Drive. Gebruiker die de oorspronkelijke post heeft geplaatst.

About OverDrive for Mac

We appreciate your feedback. Communitycontent is mogelijk niet geverifieerd of up-to-date. Meer informatie. Thanks for the update AJ! I'm using Yosemite. That is why we use Yosemite. My drive folder will now not open. I cannot create a file in word and save it to a file on my desktop which will sync with Drive online.

It does not work any longer. It took me a while to find this thread. There is almost no information about this out there. That said:Really? You allowed this update to be an auto update and outmoded previous versions, thus forcing it on users. And worst of all, you did not give direct and obvious warning about it nor any sort of indication that we can expect a fix in the foreseeable future. This is effectively the same as if you were to end support for Windows 8. How did that make sense to anyone who was in this decision making process? OS X is no longer a niche operating system for the masses unlike Linux.

It’s A Tool To Manage Music

And thanks to the advent of free OS upgrades, a very decent chuck of users upgrade to latest on release. However, we are now months past the initial release of Yosemite and there are plenty of users that have it. Not to mention anyone having purchased a new Mac in recent months. The thing that makes Google Drive useful IS the desktop integration.

MAC Discontinued Currant Lip Liner!!!!

I, and many people I know, find using the web interface to access our file to be inconvenient at best. Google: You have potentially inconvenienced hundreds of thousands if not millions of users. How wonderful to hear someone articulating my own feelings in such a technically knowlegable way.

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  • Thank you. I have now managed to switch back to "Classic view" but what a huge amount of time it took out of my untechnically adroit time. And how long am I going to be able to use the desktop facility before it automatically disappears? That will be the day I close my paid for Google account! MAC Yosemite is one year old.

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    Experienced software engineers always recommend to use the latest version of the software for security. It is misleading. I think this type of behaviour is very unprofessional and disrespectful. When you see MAC download option, you assume it should work with the latest version which is already a year old. I cannot do anything with my drive synced on my mac pro running Yosemite. I can't even uninstall it because all I have is a spinning wheel and when I try to uninstall it says I can't while the window is open.

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    Meanwhile, I can't quit out of the program, it doesn't show up as a possible force-quit option, and I can't perform an uninstall What the hell?